Junior Membership

JUNIOR MEMBERS - 18 years or younger on 1 January. STUDENT MEMBERS - are recognised as those who are registered for full-time study at a recognised tertiary institution.



  • Go to www.samaa.org.za/php/information.php to join The South African Model Aircraft Association. This umbrella body provides the 3rd Party insurance cover that we all need and is therefore mandatory.
  • Complete their application form.
  • Deposit the required fees.
  • Contact the SAMAA General Manager who will provide your SAMAA number.


  • Complete and submit the electronic application form below.
  • The JOMAC Committee will process your application within the week and inform you accordingly.
  • On acceptance, you will be required to pay your JOMAC membership fee (Junior = R670; Senior = R1600; Pensioner = R900) into the Jomac Banking account (as is visible in the sidebar)
  • Send your proof of payment to jomacadmin@gmail.com.


  • Your JOMAC membership card will be available from the JOMAC Committee.
  • Once you have been accepted, be sure to familiarise yourself with the JOMAC CONSTITUTION and JOMAC PROCEDURES.

JOMAC Junior Membership Application Form:

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