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how to join

Step 1:

Join The South African Model Aircraft Association. This umbrella body provides the 3rd Party insurance cover that we all need and is therefore mandatory.

  • Go to www.samaa.org.za
  • Complete the application form.
  • Deposit your money.
  • Contact the SAMAA General Manager who will provide your SAMAA number.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • The JOMAC Committee will process your application within the week, and inform you accordingly.
  • On acceptance, select your cost of JOMAC Membership as set out below, deposit your money and send your proof of payment to jomacadmin@gmail.com
  • Your JOMAC membership card will be available from the JOMAC Committee.
  • Familiarise yourself with the attached JOMAC Constitution and JOMAC Procedures.
  • Start flying and enjoying our wonderful facility.

Cost of JOMAC Membership

Membership to JOMAC requires that a once off Joining Fee and Annual Subscription are both paid, as set out below:

The Joining Fee has been reduced in 2018.

Pensioner Members - 65 years or older on the 1st January.

Joining Fee R1000
Annual Subscription R840
Total R1840

Senior Members

Joining Fee R1000
Annual Subscription R1500
Total R2500

Junior Members - 18 years or younger on the 1st January and Student Members currently registered at a reputable tertiary institution

Joining Fee R1000
Annual Subscription R620
Total R1620

Joining Fee waivers

When more than one, immediate family member applies for Membership, at the same time, the Joining Fee is only paid once, if the second and subsequent applicants are Juniors, or Students.

Applicants who are Juniors, or Students, who have immediate family as Members, do not pay the Joining Fee.

NOTE: Immediate family is defined as Grandparents, parents, children and siblings.

Annual subscription pro-rata adjustment

When application for Membership is made during the second six months of the calendar year, then the annual subscription fee is reduced by one twelfth for every month, starting at a reduction of six twelfths in July, seven twelfths in August and so on. The remaining amount is rounded up to the nearest ten Rand.

JOMAC banking details

Bank: First National Bank, Fourways.
Account holder: JOMAC.
Account number: 62007707758
Branch code: 251655

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