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the club and current committee

JOMAC is situated in a proclaimed Outdoor Leisure Activities Area a few kilometres north of Fourways.

The map will guide you there.

As a model aircraft flying site, JOMAC has one of the longest tarred runways. Whether you fly large scale aircraft or jets, or perhaps you just want to knock about with Stik, the runways are more than generous. For the glider fraternity, an enormous, mowed, grassed area is provided. Helicopters are provided with their own airspace, helicopter pad and pits.

The Club encourages a culture of safe flying. You can find the Club's Procedures here (amended Jan 2013) and a note on The SAMAA / RASAA issues here. The Committee, that is elected annually, manages the Club’s affairs in accordance wih the Constitution.

The Club has three categories of membership; Pensioner, Senior and Student/Junior.

Membership of The SAMAA is mandatory. There are currently around 170 members.

the committee



Norman 083 252 2284


Jon 082 450 6580



Lars Persson (Photo to be taken)

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