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the club and current committee

JOMAC has been in existence for nearly forty years. Due to housing development, the Club was forced to move to its new home.

The asphalt runway is 200 metres long, 12 metres wide and super smooth, well capable of accommodating any type of aircraft, including jets.

A parallel, grass runway is being developed for gliders, and those big scale aircraft, which are easier to handle on grass.

Being out in the country, the Club is provided with an exceptional braai area, lappa and toilets. The Club encourages all age groups to come and fly, and consequently has three Membership categories, Junior/Student, Senior and Pensioner. In addition, Membership of SAMAA is mandatory. JOMAC currently has around 100 Members.

The Club encourages safe flying, as set out in the Club Procedures found here. JOMAC is a non-profit, section 21 registered company.

The Management Committee of four Members is elected annually, managing the Club’s affairs in accordance with the Club Constitution, found here.

Norman 083 252 2284


Jon 082 450 6580



Lars Persson 082 446 8978



Nico 083 307 9895


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